New Year’s Resolutions & Why I Stopped

So it’s that time of year again where everyone decides that they are going to change something about themselves. Oh the wonderful new years resolutions that everyone gets so excited to do…for about a month. We’ve all done it and most likely quit when it was hard or boring. So why do we keep doing this to ourselves each year? Why do we feel the need to make some promise that we are going to do something starting January 1st? Honestly I’m so sick of it and decided that this year my resolution is to not make one!

I am all for wanting to better yourself. Want to lose weight? Do it…I wish you luck because that crap is hard! Want to be happier, spend more time with your family, and/or just become a better person? Absolutely do it! But why are you waiting for some holiday to decide when to start? I feel like we put way to much pressure on ourselves to come up with the “best” resolution and end up beating ourselves up when we don’t live up to it.

I was sitting with my family the other night and realized that New Years was coming and automatically started coming up with resolutions. And I mean it was automatic like my brain didn’t even need to process what was going on…just jumped straight to resolutions. I got to thinking and decided that I really didn’t like that. Why should I wait until a certain day each year to try to improve myself? When did we stop trying to become better everyday and just wait until “it’s the thing to do”.

So this year I decided to not make any resolutions. I feel like I have a better chance at accomplishing what I want if I just try to go about this more organically. It feels like so much pressure to come up with something to change about ourselves and stick to it all for the sake of doing what others are. I really have enough pressure in my life and do not need anymore. Just deciding not to make a resolution I feel a 100 times better!

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There are so many things in life that I would like to change but I really don’t need some holiday tradition to tell me when to do it. If I lose those extra 15 pounds then I’ll do it on my time. If I somehow become like Ghandi when my kids are being awful little hellions, then that will happen when it’s supposed to. (Honestly that probably won’t happen…my kids literally don’t stop until mommy loses her sh*t…but it’s nice to dream) If I write my first book, then I’ll write it on my time, not anyone else’s. I’m doing things for me and not tradition and it feels awesome!


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  1. jalisa says:

    I totally get what you mean. I haven’t done New Years resolutions in forever as they were always similar. Weight loss, school, work etc.

  2. Brooklyn says:

    I have not decided what I will do differently for 2017

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