Keep The Dogs…Get Rid Of The People In Your Life Who Tell You Not To!


Yes I know that my title is kind of harsh. I get it that it sounds kind of mean, but guess what!?! I don’t care! So many people think that they know best…and what is it that they know? That you should get rid of your dog/dogs when you have a baby! Ummm no I really don’t think so! My fur babies were here before the kids and they are here to stay.

Now I get that you’re probably thinking that I’m a bit nuts…hey you may be right. But my dogs hold a huge place in my heart and always will…even if some days they drive me mad! But besides the love of a child, there is no other love as pure as the love a dog gives you. It’s unconditional and freely given. Which is why that to this day it still pisses me off that people told us that we should get rid of them when we were pregnant with our first son!

      Yeah I get it that some dogs might not react well to a new little human in the house. Although I think tiny dogs are usually the culprit…but I may be biased from having big, goofy boxers! Yes some dogs will get jealous or not know how to deal with the odd smelling little creature that you bring home. But guess what most dogs will be perfectly fine. Hell in our case I think the dogs like our kids more than us!

    It honestly never occurred to us to get rid of them and I’m glad that we didn’t. Did it take some adjusting on everyone…of course! But 3 years later and our dogs have never once intentionally hurt the kids. Accidentally knocked them down when they first started walking…yupp…growl, snap at, or bite…never! Why not? Because we took the time to introduce them all and allowed the dogs to play a major role in the boys lives from the beginning.

    We never kept the dogs away from them. They were allowed to sniff and lick (yes I know it’s gross) to their furry hearts content. Funniest part was that they were crazy gentle with them on instinct until the started crawling all over them. Now they just nudge the boys out of the way or walk into another room when they don’t feel like being bothered. Lennox would even sleep outside of their doors when they were infants to make sure that they were okay.

    Listen I get it…it’s terrifying to trust an animal with your child. It truly is scary watching that first interaction to see how the dogs are going to handle the new presence in their life. But if you’re patient and loving towards your dog all should go well. We made sure to always give the dogs attention and lovin’ so that they knew that they were important to us to. Heck the overgrown manchild…opps I mean my husband…and I even bought a king size bed so that we could all cuddle better. I highly recommend this if you have big dogs and don’t like sleeping on the edge of your mattress!

     All in all having dogs while having children is a great experience. Getting to watch the 4 of them play together is some of the cutest moments ever! Seeing the love that the 4 of them share is something incredibly special that I’m lucky enough to witness! So I’ll leave you with this…don’t get rid of the dog…get rid of the annoying people telling you to!